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Dislecksia: The Book, Companion to the Documentary Film – Signed Edition


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Dislecksia: The Book is a companion to the funny yet sobering, informative yet inspiring documentary, Dislecksia: The Movie. The book reaches beyond the movie to offer an even wider and more comprehensive collection of interviews with people whose lives are touched by dyslexia.

Discover what it’s like to have this learning difference through the experiences of dyslexics from all walks of life: from everyday students to renowned actors Billy Bob Thornton, Sarah Joy Brown, and Joe Pantoliano, acclaimed attorney David Boies, world-famous paleontologist Jack Horner, and Dislecksia: The Movie’s Director and Producer, Harvey Hubbell V.

Understand the most effective ways to teach a child with dyslexia through the perspectives of educational pioneers Diana King, Dr. Gordon Sherman, and others. Along with Dr. Ken Pugh of Yale’s Haskins Laboratory, meet numerous other brain scientists and researchers to see the latest research on dyslexia, and to find out the amazing advantages a dyslexic brain provides.

In the end, learn how to become part of the solution in helping the 35 million Americans who struggle with this learning difference. This book will open conversations, open your eyes, and change your brain.

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